How does healing work ? How can I recover ?


A lot of people think that they are being healed by their therapist -
a doctor, an alternative practitioner or even a spiritual healer.

But that is wrong.

You can only heal yourself.

The healer only mediates healing.

That means, that I give impulses to make you find your own way.
I detect where the energy flow is disturbed and clear it.
I give help and assistance to actually make you cut your own path.
Unfortunately, healing cannot take place at all times. Like with everything in life, it needs the right time. But all of our daily inconveniences allow us to take a step in the right direction, to experience healing.
Last but not least: are you ready for a change?
We all know the situation, when little aches and pains badger us, when we cant get rid of that silly cold and - "oh - my shoulder - that has been troubling me for ages..."
And we all know getting the runaround, but in the end, noone can actually manage to help us.
That exactly is the lacking ability to achieve a change.
This is, what gets us in the way to be healed.
That is the right time to have alternative treatments. They will identify the lacking abilty of the energysystem and treat it. The symptom may leave.
Therefore it is most important to me to choose a holistic healing therapy, that considers body, mind and soul to be one.