Health Kinesiology


... was founded in the 70`s by the american psychophysiologist Dr. Jimmy Scott, combining different treatment methods, i.e. Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, as well as his knowledge of BioEnergetics and BioCommunication within the body.
It is a non-invasive method, that uses muscle feedback and body awareness to allow self regulation for one`s highest good and to regain the unity of body, mind and soul.

Health Kinesiology goes after a holistic approach as it contains all different aspects, that are important for the client. That includes topics like nutrition as well as one`s attitude towards life.

Health Kinesiology can help with the following conditions:
Relief psychological stress - patterns
Balance irksome memories
Balance stressful verbs, names, people, places, symbolic objects and parts of one`s body and organs
Release physical toxicity and emotional traumas
Degaussing electro-magnetic smog from the energy field
Test sensitivity to individual electro-magnetic influence
Testing and evaluation of nutrition, drugs, scarfs and disturbing factors on the basis of vials containing the energy of food, additives, preservatives, pollens, vaccinations, chemicals, toxins, viruses, invasive microorganisms, dental materials, geopathic stress, personal care items and others, divertion if necessary
Overcome learning blocks
Health Kinesiology sessions can take place weekly and usually last 45 bis 90 minutes.