Ines Kuch

After finishing my studies at the "German Sports University" in Cologne I used to work in a private boarding school in Oxford, England. After this I spent 9 years working in rehabilita-
tion centres, training patients after injuries, surgeries and accidents.
In those times I made first experiences with spiritual and holistic healing. I was s fascina-
ted, that I decided to get additional trainings in different kinesiologic methods like "Brain Gym", "Touch for Health" and "Health Kinesiology".
I was also drilled to become a "Spiritual and Holistic Healer" and got an education in "Empowering Hands and Hearts", both at the Centrum für visionäre Heilkunst, Schwalmtal. Apart from that I learned "Classical Homeopathy" at the "Paracelsusschule Aachen" as well as French Ear-Acupuncture.
Last but not least I took my exams to be an alternative practitioner.
In 2003 I opened my own practice. In the majority of cases I mix the different methods in order to get the quickest and most efficient results.
Sessions will take place every 4 - 6 weeks.
Since 2015 I have been teaching Physical Education in school as well.
I have two children, aged 17 and 15.